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Oscilloscope Software Project

A personal programming project made up 70% of the mandatory programming course in the computer science minor at Aalto, and naturally, I chose an oscilloscope as my topic as it combined nicely my early studies of electrical engineering and audio signals. It turned out quite nicely (well, I did spend way over a hundred hours on it), and I learned Qt pretty well doing it. The software was done with Python (which was dictated by the course) […]

Password Helper

Remembering passwords can be a pain in the ass, especially if you want them to be strong passwords, i.e. long, complex and different for every service. A password manager software can help a lot, and they have some pretty awesome features nowadays like automatically changing all your passwords every once in a while. However, even though most password managers sync data across all your devices, they fail big time when you need to login to something […]

Fun with Arduino

I got an Arduino Uno starter kit on loan from school for a physical computing project for the Experimental User Interfaces -course. To refresh my Arduino skills from last year (when I did a semi-big project with it on another course), I created a simple set-up and code for controlling LEDs with a potentiometer and buttons. Also the LEDs aren’t just toggled on or off, but instead the voltages are pulse-width modulated to achieve fading in and out. Here’s […]