Audio plugin galore

My audio plugin collection is starting to get pretty serious, so I did an inventory of all the audio plugins and software I currently own 🙂 After more than ten years, it is finally starting to feel like I have everything I need, and have just the right tools (or even multiple options) for all of the things I regularly do.


iZotopeNative Instruments
DDLYKomplete 11 Select
Insight 2Phasis
Mobius FilterRazor
Nectar 3Replika
Neutron 2 AdvancedReplika XT
Ozone 8 Advanced
RX 7 Standard
Stutter Edit
Trash 2
VocalSynth 2
Codex Wavetable SynthVintageVerb
Diamond BundleRoom
F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQSpaceModulator
Flow Motion FM SynthFreq Echo
OneKnob Series
Pure Analyzer EssentialBlackhole
Pure Analyzer Metering Option
Voxengo SPAN PlusSoothe
Voxengo SpatifierSpiff

DAWs and other applications

  • Ableton Live 10 Suite
    • Iota Max4Live pack
    • Outer Spaces Max4Live pack
  • Reaper
  • FL Studio Signature Edition
  • Myriad (MacOS audio batch processing)
  • dBPoweramp reference R16 (audio batch converter)

DJ Software

  • Serato DJ Pro
    • Club Kit
    • Play
    • FX Bundle
    • Pich n’ Time
  • Traktor Pro 3

I also did a quick check for the current list price of all the audio plugins and bundles, and what I payed for them. Altogether, the total value is a bit over 12 000€, but I actually had to pay “only” around 6000€ for them, as I typically bought stuff when on sale and used discounted upgrade offers for bundles and such. Seems like a lot at first, but of course these purchases have been spread over ten years, so it is not as bad as it first sounds 😀

Do I absolutely need and use every single plugin? Of course not, but they are still definitely nice to have, and I am sure the list will keep growing. As a programmer and audio engineer, the technology itself is many times as much the end goal as are the results they produce. In fact, the same cycle is evident in both my DJ and audio work: I do dj-gigs to buy more music and gear, and I do audio editing to buy more audio software (as well as better computer parts and other hardware). I guess there are much worse “hobbies” to be had than this. I mean some ignorant fools can spend the same amount of money on a single pair of speaker cables, and be under the illusion that they can actually hear a difference…

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