• Programming
  • Audio software
  • Room acoustics
  • Audio technology
  • Audio production
  • Loudspeakers



Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering.

Bachelor’s thesis topic: Digital Modeling of Analog Sound Synthesis (in Finnish).

Studying Acoustics and Audio Technology at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering.

Expected graduation with a Master’s Degree in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences in spring 2017.

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Alongside my lifelong quest to deeply understand the theoretical and technical side of audio, I’ve been doing it on a practical level too ever since I was a young boy.

My weapon of choice has been Ableton Live for many years now, together with Max for Live and some carefully chosen plug-ins mostly from iZotope, Waves and Native Instruments.

Previously, I have used FL Studio (as seen in the picture above) extensively for a long time before moving on to Ableton, and I also have some experience with Logic and Pro Tools.

Sound recording, editing and mixing work highlights:

  • Radio spots for various events and club nights
  • StepUp Agency
  • Showhat
  • Nuori Kulttuuri Teatris
  • Sottiisimoves
  • Countless dance shows (DCA, StepUp, Citydance…)