I started my studies at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering in 2010 with the idea that I would start designing loudspeakers. As I learned more about electronics and acoustics, I understood that (traditional) loudspeaker design can only do so much and quickly became more interested in the room acoustics part of sound reproduction, which is arguably a much more exciting and diverse field than the electrical engineering of loudspeakers (namely electrical circuit design), both scientifically and in practice. At the same time, during my first few years of studying, I found out that programming is actually really fun and useful (in retrospect, I really wish somebody had told me this when I was in high school).




Bachelor of Science (Technology) in electrical engineering. Majoring in Electronics and minor in Computer Science.

Bachelor’s Thesis: Digital Modeling of Analog Sound Synthesis (in Finnish).


Master of Science (Technology) in Acoustics and Audio Technology from the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering.

Master’s Thesis: Developing a Conversation Assistant for the Hearing Impaired Using Automatic Speech Recognition

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Alongside my lifelong quest to deeply understand the theoretical and technical side of audio, I’ve been doing it on a practical level too ever since I was a young boy.

My weapon of choice has been Ableton Live for many years now, together with Max for Live and some carefully chosen plug-ins mainly from iZotope, Waves and Native Instruments.

Previously, I  used FL Studio (as seen in the picture above from my old bachelor pad) extensively for a long time before moving on to Ableton. I also have some experience with Logic and Pro Tools.

Audio recording, editing and mixing work highlights:

  • Radio spots for various events and club nights
  • StepUp Agency
  • Showhat
  • Nuori Kulttuuri Teatris
  • Sottiisimoves
  • Countless dance shows (DCA, StepUp, Citydance…)